Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Real?

Welcome to my review of Wealthy Affiliate! I’m so glad you’re here because I have a lot that I want to share with you about a platform that has opened up so many new doors and opportunities for me.  Have you been wondering “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Real?”  Read on and judge for yourself!

If you search “Wealthy Affiliate Review” in Google, you will get thousands of results….so what will make mine different from those?

Wealthy Affiliate Search Result

This review will contain my own personal experience, and of course, it will fall in line with the guiding principles of this website: 1) Truth, 2) No Scams and No BS, 3) Continued Support

I will be as transparent as possible, I want you to get the FACTS and you have the right to know the TRUTH. You deserve it and that’s exactly what you will get here!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this review:
What is Wealthy Affiliate?
My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate
Who Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate?
An Inside Tour of Wealthy Affiliate
What Makes Wealthy Affiliate So Special?
Is There A Downside?
Membership Options and Pricing
Final Thoughts

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

The idea of making lots of money online can be very temptingLaptop Money to many people, but it can be very intimidating figuring out where to start.

Wealthy Affiliate is a place that you can go to learn everything about making money online. In fact, rather than just teach you how to make money online, they teach you how to build an online business.

There is a difference.

You can “make money online” in lots of different ways: sell your stuff, take surveys, or even get caught up in a scam like binary options or one of those super duper overnight millionaire programs.

Building a sustainable online business entails helping people solve problems, caring about your image and brand, creating quality content, and so forth. Doing all of that will lead you to owning a sustainable online business that makes REAL and HONEST money.

Wealthy Affiliate has tons and tons of training, in the form of reading as well as video tutorials. There are weekly live webinars that you can partake in (or watch after the fact), a Live Chat where you can always get help, and most importantly you get to join an incredible community of like minded people ready willing and able to help!

My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in April of 2016 after I stumbled on a website review, kind of like this one. I was searching for a way to make more money to help support my family without having to get a second job. The review explained how ANYONE can learn how to build an online business and make money.

I was initially attracted by the fact that I could sign up for FREE and with no credit card required so I took the plunge and signed up.

I recall being very impressed that I was able to access pretty much everything, as if I had paid for a membership! Hmmm, maybe there’s actually something to this…

There’s a lot going on in the page, so once I got a lay of the land, my first stop was the Live Chat area….I figured I’d ask some questions and see what others had to say.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat

Sure enough, I was welcomed with open arms and all of my questions were answered almost immediately. The folks in the chat suggested that I go check out the training course, so that’s what I did.

The training is broken down into 5 levels, and each level has 10 lessons…so Level 1, Lesson 1 here we go!

Wealthy Affiliate Training Level 1

Each lesson is made up of a written portion for you to read, followed by a video that walks you through what needs to be done, and then you are given tasks to complete. The written lesson and the video are written/narrated by Kyle, one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate (more about him later!).

I completed lessons 1-10 in 2 days and I actually had a fully functioning website that I could release to the world! If I did all this in just this one lesson, imagine what I would be able to do with all of these resources at my disposal. I was hooked and hungry for more.

I obviously went premium and I am so thankful that I did. This community of people has taught me so much and has opened up so many doors that I didn’t even know existed.

As for the making money aspect of Wealthy Affiliate, I’m not going to sit here and show you screen shots of any accounts or anything like that…that’s just not my style.

What I will do is be completely honest with you and tell you that yes I have made some money, but not the thousands and thousands that some other sales person will try to “prove” to you. The fact of the matter is that building your business takes time, but you can rest assured that it DOES, and WILL, happen!

There’s lots more to read, but if you’re already inspired to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot, then click on the banner below. We will instantly be connected and I’ll be right there to cheer you on and help answer any and all questions, as much or as little as you want.  If you do decide to go premium, you’ll get the first month at a 61% discount since you joined via my website!

Wealthy Affiliate Starter

Who Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate?

The answer to the question above is very simple: EVERYONE!

No matter if you are a complete newbie with no marketing experience andEveryone no technical know how or if you are a seasoned veteran with years of experience and successful websites
currently running, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

The training and weekly live webinars will help both the newbie come up to speed quickly, and the more experienced user can keep up with the ever changing world of the internet….plus everyone can make some great friends along the way!

If you think that you could never do this because you’re not a writer, think again because you will learn how to write for blogging!

I had the same thought, I was the farthest thing from a writer….that was until Wealthy Affiliate got their hands on me.

The trick?

You write just as you would talk, it doesn’t have to be grammatically correct. In fact, it’s usually better when it isn’t. I know you can do it!

An Inside Tour of Wealthy Affiliate

So what exactly do you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate?  There’s so much to tell, why not just go and check it out for FREE!

Training – and A LOT of it:
As I mentioned above, there is step-by-step training via written lessons accompanied by a video tutorial.  The basic training has 5 levels and each level has 10 lessons.  You will be assigned tasks as you go which will keep you on track.  By the time you’ve completed level 1 you will have a live website up and running!  Not bad for FREE!

Weekly Webinars:
The training is constantly updated to keep it fresh and up to date.  Another way that things are kept up to date is that there is a weekly webinar.  The webinar lasts 60-90 minutes and goes over various topics, step by step.  They are recorded and then posted so you can always go back and watch if you can’t attend the live session.  I should also mention that they are totally FREE with your premium membership!  My favorite one has been a 4 week series where the host (his name is Jay) actually builds a business from scratch as you watch exactly what he does.

Most programs either offer no support at all or you can pay for support at some crazy hourly rate.  At Wealthy Affiliate you have many avenues for support when needed.  Just post a question (or 2 or 3!), head into the live chat, search the community to see if someone already solved the problem, or even private message someone and you will get an answer almost immediately!  There’s always someone around, so you’ve basically got 24/7 support for just about any topic.

FREE Hosting and State of the Art Hosting System:
The technical part of running a website can be extremely intimidating to someone that doesn’t have the proper technical training.  Thankfully Kyle and Carson have created an amazing hosting system that takes literally all of the guess work out of it!  No joke: you can really make a website in less than 1 minute….I even had my mom try and she was able to do it!  Your free membership lets you have 2 websites, and the premium membership lets you have 50 websites!  Go ahead, give it a shot!

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate So Special?

In one word:

Community Handwriting

There is a lot that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from the rest, but the community of people that you interact with is definitely the most significant difference.

By simply signing up for the program you will be welcomed to this wonderful group of people with open arms. You will never have a feeling of being alone, you won’t have to worry about being stuck, you won’t have to spend countless hours trying to figure something out….all you have to do is just ask for help.

You’ve got an army of people that are eager to help you out in any wayHow Can I Help. Website issues? Niche selection troubles?, Writer’s block? Need motivation? You name it and there is someone that can help you through it!

Just post a question, direct message someone, or head to the Live Chat and your questions will be answered.

A common thought that folks have, and I admit I had it too at one point, is that we’re all competing for the same thing…why would people be so eager to help me if I could be taking business away from them.

The answer to that lies in the culture of Wealthy Affiliate, and that all starts with the co-founders Kyle and Carson. They have designed a system that is intended to be a fun and pleasant experience for everyone. They are both friendly and down to earth guys, and I’ve actually communicated with both of them via private message. At first I was surprised that the founder of the company was responding to my messages. I’ve heard that they even pop into the Live Chat from time to time, though I’ve never been there while they were.

So you see, there’s more than enough website traffic to go around….the culture of Wealthy Affiliate is such that everyone can succeed!

Is There A Downside?

Everything sounds really good so far, but is it all too good to be true?  Since I’m all about the TRUTH, it wouldn’t be right for me to leave this section out.

The biggest downside to Wealthy Affiliate is that it is not something that will make you money overnight.  Thankfully, everyone there is very open about that fact from the get go so real expectations can be set.

I’m not sure that this is a big downside, per se, but it’s worth mentioning.  Since there is SO MUCH information available, it is easy to find yourself in information overload mode.  Fear not though, dedication and an eye on the end prize will help you through it!

Despite these downsides (if you can even call them that), you’re in great hands at Wealthy Affiliate.  Just follow along with what they say and you’ll be in great shape!

Membership Options and Pricing

There are 2 membership options: FREE and Premium.

When it comes to the premium membership, you’ve got 2 choices:  Monthly at $49 per month or Yearly at $350 per year (that saves you $238 if you paid $49 for 12 months!)

Here’s a breakdown of what you get with each membership:Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

Final Thoughts

I hope that this review gave you a clear and honest idea of what you will get from the Wealthy Affiliate program.  If you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing that you like what you have seen.  So what’s holding you back?

Don’t be afraid, I believe in YOU and you should too!  You’ve got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!  I’m here eagerly waiting for you and excited to help you get your online business running!

Start Your Free Trial Button

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  • Hi

    Great information in the Wealthy Affiliate Program

    I think we get a little skeptical online sometimes because of the amount of scams out there on the internet.

    Before joining the Wealthy Affiliate Program I was initially skeptical but within less than a week I discovered that it is a great source for either starting up your own niche website or simply beginning afffilaite marketing.

    I would recomend it to anybody that has the time and patience to succeed online.


    • Hi Chris,

      Yes it’s very easy to be skeptical about online opportunities with all the junk out there.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a safe place to go and better yourself.

      So glad you joined and I hope others do too!

  • Thank you for this wonderful review. I think I have found what I have been looking, one place were I can get training, buy a domain name and built my website.

    I thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that, you will get your answers without delay with the help of the community. I think this is the right p-lace to grow my own online business

    • Hey Jonathan

      I’m so glad you found Wealthy Affiliate, I know that you will be successful!

      The community of people are wonderful, I’m sure that they will be able to help you with any issues you may have!

  • Hello here. When I read about Wealthy Affiliate and ability that this company can be a scam, I was confused. Fortunately , you present this company as the place where everybody can learn how to create a successful business online.
    Maybe at first can be confusing because there are so much to learn.
    I like that everything is presented in steps, from beginning to final steps.
    If people would treat learning at Wealthy Affiliate in a serious way, they would reach positive results.
    It is a great, transparent and legit company.
    All the best, Nemira.

    • Hey Nemira, yes Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic program….but I can definitely see how some folks would be skeptical at first. That’s why I think the free trial is so fantastic, so people can get a chance to try before they buy!

      You make a great point about taking it serious because if you do then you will have a great online business!

  • I like the fact that you listed how many lessons that are available if someone decided to take all the training lessons. It sounds like no matter the experience of someone that there is some training that is available for this person. With the Internet evolving almost daily there is always going to be something new for everyone to learn. So I am curious, can anyone benefit from the training that is given, or is it just for computer geeks?

    • Hey Kenneth,

      The folks at Wealthy Affiliate do a great job of keeping the material fresh. They’ve updated their training videos as needed, and the weekly webinars are always about the current (and even sometimes future) topics. There’s always something to be learned.

      Absolutely anyone can learn from the training! You don’t need to have any type of technological background, Wealthy Affiliate takes that burden away!

  • Hey Matt,
    Jeepers, Wealthy Affiliate looks so nice I’m so excited to give it a a go as I’ve been hearing good things about it compared to Google Sniper.

    If I put in a lot of effort everyday into growing my website, how long do I need continue doing until I made my first sale ?

    • Hi Riaz, great question!

      The typical breakthrough point for most websites is the three month mark…. That’s when you start really noticing your rankings and all of the keywords that you rank for. As for sales, it really depends on your niche and on your website. Some people get a sale in 3 months, some in 6 months and some are longer.

      Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all that you need to know and will help set you up for success.

      A word of advice from my experience would be to not focus on sales, traffic, or rankings for the first 3 months. Just write quality content and the rest will fall into place 🙂

  • Hi there Matt, I am thinking of starting and monetizing from a blog but I don’t have any technical skills with the web. So I fear that it would take me forever to learn this skill. Also, I’ve never really written or publish something on the internet besides Facebook posts and such.

    Can Wealthy Affiliate help me improve on these skills with their training? Thank you.

    • Hey Cathy,

      I’m so glad you asked these questions! The answer is an absolute and resounding YES!

      I was in your exact shoes a couple of years ago and Wealthy Affiliate has taught me how to make the website you see today. Yep, I’ve written every word of it and I owe it all to the great people at Wealthy Affiliate!

      As for the technical aspect of it….they have a state of the art system that takes all of the technical pressure off of you so that you can focus only on marketing and creating great content.

  • What a very thorough review. Before I came to WA I was very skeptical, but like you, I found everyone welcoming and friendly. No one holds back information because we all want each other to succeed.

    Even though I have been a WA since September, reading through your review I have learned some new stuff. So thank you for that.

    • Hey Jagi,

      I’m so glad you are enjoying your WA experience, and I’m happy that I was able to show you some new things within the platform!

      I can’t overstate how wonderful the community of people at WA is. They truly welcome you with open arms and make sure that you are on the path to success!

  • Hi, Matt.
    Great review on Wealthy Affiliate and I especially liked that you mentioned the one downside to starting an online business.
    It’s the truth at the end of the day. Getting any business off the ground takes time and that’s exactly what you’re doing, building a business.
    How long were you a member at WA before you saw the results you wanted from your site?

    • Hey Ryan,

      Yes, it’s important to me to make sure I share all the information, good or bad. My goal is to always help people and I feel that the truth is always best!

      When I first joined, I actually had a website up and running before I even signed up to be a premium member! Once I was a member, it took only a couple of months to have a good website up with lots of posts and all. You can check out my first website at

  • I like the idea of writing just as you talk. I think that this was my bigger problem when I was trying to write something. Often I did not know what to write about. So, write as you talk and do not overthink. If you write sometimes per week you will get improved too.

    • You have it 100% right Ilias, all it takes is writing what comes to your mind. It doesn’t have to be expertly written with perfect grammar….in fact, I think it’s better that way anyway!

      Keep doing it and you’ll be able to do it second nature!

  • I’ve was searching for a technique to make money online and somehow landed on your page. There are so many information pertaining to this topic that I am a bit confused as to what is what.

    The lesson box that you laid out seems to make it clearer what I need to get started. There’s a brief mention about SEO. What is that all about?

    Thanks for the clarification.

    • Hi Cathy,

      I’m really glad you landed on my page, I can definitely help you!

      There is a ton of information out there on how to make money online, but there are also a lot of scams do It’s important to be careful.

      This post explains how affiliate marketing can be used to make money. Basically you earn commission on sales made from links on your website.

      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and that’s just ways for you to get your posts ranked high in the search engine results, that will get more people to click your links and increase your sales!

      Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you, you’ll learn all you need to know and you’ll have a website up and running in no time!

      Be sure to join through my link do we get connected and I can help you along your journey! 🙂

  • Nice review. Very well represented. Good luck with all of your endeavors, dreams and aspirations!

  • Hey there! This is a really nice review of wealthy affiliate. I keep hearing good things about wealthy affiliate and it got my interest. I’m planning to try it but I can’t decide if I should do it or not. After I read your article which is really informative, I think that I’m going to start doing wealthy affiliate as my part time job. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Hey John,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review. Wealthy Affiliate is a terrific place to go and get your online business up and running! I wish you much success and I look forward to connecting

  • So interesting, good to see different perspectives

  • Matt, I like your candor and transparency when explaining the basics of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve read a lot of reviews on the subject, but I don’t see many “my story” narratives. This was refreshing. I also like your straightforward approach about this not being get rich quick. It is basically an education and the degree of success that people achieve relates to how well they use these tools. Well done!

    • Thank you Warren, I have always believed that honesty is the best policy and I like to make sure that my readers always know the truth!

      It can take a bit to start making money online, but once you have gotten over the beginning hurdles, you will start to see the fruits of your labor!

  • I’m a member of wealthy affiliate for over a year, and i can assure that it’s not a scam, however if you want to achieve anything with wealthy affiliate you need to put a lot efforts, time, dedication and you need to buy premium.
    I really like how you explain things, thanks for the article, it was interesting.

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