The Best Blog Hosting Service Made Easy In 6 Simple Steps

So you’ve decide that you want to start your own online business with a blog. Congratulations on taking the next step to beginning your online journey…I’m happy to help you along the way!

Before I get into discussing what the best blog hosting service is, I wanted to take a moment to review a couple of steps that you should take before signing up.

The Best Blog Hosting Service Made Easy In 6 Simple Steps

Selecting Your Niche
The very first step in creating your business is for you to decide what you want your website to be about. This can sometimes be a difficult thing to figure out, and I’ve always found that if you blog about something you are passionate about then it will never feel like work.

Passion is only one ingredient to finding the right niche. See what else you can do to help narrow down what your niche will be.

Domain Name Selection
Once you have niche all figured out (way to go, by the way!), your next step is to figure out what your domain name should be.

This is your first opportunity to get creative and have some fun! Take some time to think and see if you can come up with a play on words, or perhaps use numbers or spelling in a creative way.

One basic rule of thumb, try to find a domain name with a “.com” extension. Find out why that is so important, along with other tips.

Get Your Website Live!
The time is now! You have done all of your due diligence to this point and you’re ready to get your blog out there for the world to consume…I can hear all the clicks now!

There are many hosting options out there, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best. To me, there are 3 main things I look for in a hosting company

  1. Very high up time percent – this is the percentage of time that the service is up. You’ll never really find it at 100% due to maintenance, but as close to 100% is what you’re looking for.
  2. Simplifies the technical “stuff” – it’s easy to get intimidated by the technical aspect of setting up a website. After all, we’re bloggers who are good at writing, not IT gurus that understand most of the technical mumbo jumbo!Any hosting service I recommend MUST have simple ways to do the technical stuff so that folks aren’t spending hours on it, but rather their precious time is spent creating content.
  3. Excellent customer support – One of the most important aspects of a rock solid hosting company is their customer support.There’s nothing worse than trying to write content but being unable to because of some technical (or even account/billing) issue. It’s also really nice to be able to have someone to go to at any time, for any reason!

If you take those 3 MUST HAVES, and combine it with a great pricing structure, then you will most definitely find yourself at the doorstep of HostGator!

What Do I Love About HostGator?

Have you ever found a company that just seems to “get it”? That’s how I feel about HostGator. If you go to their website, one of the first things you’ll find is their guarantee:

HostGator Guarantee
As you can see, their own guarantee covers two out of my three MUST HAVES so I would say we’re off to a great start! The 45 day money back guarantee is the best you’ll find in the industry. Most hosting companies will offer only 30 days, if they even off you a money back guarantee at all, yet HostGator gives you an extra two weeks to make sure you’re happy.

They’ve got a Migration Team who’s sole task is to help you move your website (and domain if need be) safely and securely. You can rest assured that all of your precious data and content will be moved over seamlessly…and they will even make certain configurations to ensure that your website is running optimally.

There’s so much to like about HostGator, and one of the best is the amazingly low price that they offer!

HostGator Pricing

As you can see, there are 3 different pricing plans for you to choose from. If you are brand new to blogging or running a website then the Hatchling Plan is absolutely perfect for you! Even if you wanted a bit of a more advanced package, the Baby and Business plans are priced extremely low too!

I’m excited to show you just how easy it is to get your website up and running on HostGator.  I love my readers so much that I’ve worked with HostGator and have a coupon code specifically for my readers.

Stick around until the end of this post and save 60% when you sign up!

Sign up for HostGator in 6 SIMPLE steps

Step 1: Pick a Domain Name

HostGator Signup Step 1

The first step is to get your domain name.  You should already know what you want so just type it in the box and select the .com extension.  HostGator will check to make sure that your domain is available, and will offer you other suggestions if it is taken already.  Simply check the box next to the domain you choose to use.

Step 2: Choose Your Hosting Plan

HostGator Signup Step 2

In this step you will be selecting which hosting plan you would like to use, as well as for how long you want to have it.  You’ll have to enter in a username and security pin for your account.  Pretty straight forward stuff!

Step 3: Enter Billing Information

HostGator Signup Step 3

This is the step in which you add in your billing information.  Nothing overly exciting to see here!

Step 4: Choose Any Additional Services

HostGator Signup Step 4

In this step you will need to decide which, if any, additional services you want.  They are pretty inexpensive in the grand scheme of it.  You may be thinking, do I actually need these?  My opinion is that you can skip them, but I would strongly urge you to at least sign up for the Backup & Restore add on.  This means that HostGator will keep a backup of your website, so that it is safe in the event of something catastrophic.  It’s great for your peace of mind.

Step 5: Enter Your Coupon Code and Submit

This is the part I’m sure you’ve been waiting for!  Before you click on the Submit button to get yourself live with HostGator, be sure that you enter in the following coupon code to get 60% off your new website!

HostGator Coupon Code 60

Step 6: Install WordPress

At this point, your website is technically live…woohoo!  There is one last thing that we need to take care of in order for us to be able to begin creating our awesome content, and that is to install WordPress.  Don’t worry, HostGator has made it as simple as clicking a button…remember,  they make the technical stuff simple!

Log into the Customer Portal using the e-mail address and password that you set up in step 2.

Once you are logged in you will see the HostGator Control Panel.  Click on the Websites tab and then Special Offers.  From there, all you need to do is click on “WordPress – 1 Click Installation” and you’ll be off and running….see, I told you it was easy!

As with anything else in HostGator, you can always contact customer service if you get stuck and they’ll be more than happy to help you!

HostGator Control Panel

Your Website Is Live, Now What?

We’ve made some great progress so far, we now have a live website up and running on an awesome hosting service.  Now it’s time to put it to good use!

When WordPress finished installing, you should have seen a link to your WordPress admin similar to this

Use the username and password you set up when installing WordPress and you’ll be able to start adding content to your website.

Once you have some good content created we can then use Affiliate Marketing to start earning money!  Lets review both of those concepts.

Blog Content Creation
Writing content for your website is the heart and soul of it all. This is where you connect with your readers and provide them with valuable information. It could be product reviews, recipes, or some life advice based on your experience. Either way, you need to do your proper keyword research so that your post will rank. Here are some blogging tips and tricks, I hope you find them useful!

Time To Monetize
Once you have your website up and running, with at least 5-10 posts, you might want to consider earning some money for all of your hard work…who wouldn’t?!? That’s where affiliate marketing comes into play. Basically, that is when you can earn a commission for any sales that go through your website. There are a ton of affiliate programs out there, but this one is the BEST!

Whew, we have covered a lot of information in this post, but look at how much we accomplished!  If you’re feeling overwhelmed then please feel free to Contact Me and I’ll be more than happy to help you!

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