How Do You Write A Blog Post?

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Blogging has become such a big part of the internet over the last decade or so. Many people are able to make anywhere from side money all the way up to a full time income! It can be a great way for anyone, of any skill level, to make money online.

Before you can earn anything though, we need to answer the question how do you write a blog post?

Choosing the Right Topic

The very first step in writing any blog post is to pick a topic. By now, you should have already picked a niche so your blog topic should fall in line with that.

There are many different ways that you can get inspired with currently popular topics for you to blog about. Here are some commonly used tools used to pick blog topics

See What’s Trending
A really quick and easy way to find a blog topic is to just write about what everyone is talking about! The more people talk about a topic, the more search traffic there will be. How do you know what everyone is reading, Facebooking, Tweeting, blogging, Instagraming, etc. about? Thankfully there are ways in which you can figure out what is trending and write about. Here are some great tools you can use to figure out what to base your blog post on, and best of all, they are all FREE!


Google Alerts
Wouldn’t it be great if someone told you when something you care about is posted? It sure would be nice to not have to constantly search just to see what content is created based on some keywords that are important to you.

That’s where Google Alerts comes in. You can just enter in any search terms and create an alert. You will start receiving emails whenever Google detects something with your search term. It’s a fantastic way to get your creative juices flowing! The alert is configurable with the following settings:

Google Alerts Options

Check Out The Competition
One of the best things for businesses is a healthy competition with a similar business.  Online businesses are no different, everyone is after the same thing, more traffic and in turn more sales.

Competition can be fierce so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on competitors to see what they’re doing. It’s really simple to do that online, just search around for other websites in your niche and check them out…it’s probably a good idea to bookmark them too.Business Competition

What are they blogging about? Are they pushing any products that you might be able to sell better? Try sending the link to a friend and get some unbiased feedback about the website.

Here’s another tip about how to keep an eye on the competition. Many websites offer an RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

For those that don’t know what an RSS feed is, it’s basically a quick way to know what articles website has recently posted. You simply subscribe to the feed using a free RSS reader, like Feedly, and you will instantly know what your competition is writing about!

It’s a great way to stay on top of your game, and also to get inspiration for post topics.

Blog Title

The title of your blog post is extremely important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Think of the title as your post’s first impression to your site’s visitors, if it’s not inviting, then people won’t be inclined to click on it. Have fun with the title and be creative!

If you need some help getting your creative juices flowing, you’re in luck. You can find many online tools that will help you find creative titles simply by typing in a keyword or two. One of the ones I particularly like is Title Generator. Give it a try!

Ok, So Now What?

You’ve got your blog post idea, and you’ve got your catchy title. Time to start writing your blog post and then you can post it on a website.

I am more than happy to help you do both of those things. In fact, there’s a phenomenal place that you can go and learn everything you need to know and more….and you can try it absolutely FREE! Take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review, and give it a shot….I believe in you! I’m already a member so I’ll meet ya there and we’ll do this together!

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  • What a good informative article on how to write a blog Matt. I know once you do find a niche and something you are interested about, then that opens up a whole bunch of topics to write about. You are right about a good title. This is the first thing anyone sees if you share in Social Media and also on Google so really important. Lot of good tips here!
    Cheers, Sharon

    • Hey Sharon,

      Yes a good title is very important as it’s the first impression a reader has to your post. Another thing that’s important is a quality feature image. Having a good one makes it more inviting for someone to click

  • Great tips out there especially the google alert part! I was not aware about the google alert function and i think it is really neat to be kept informed of your niche when something new is published onlne. But i am also afraid of being spammed instead. How is google alert working for you?

    • Hey Leo, great question about Google Alerts.

      I was actually worried about the same thing when I first started using it. I think that you’ll find that you don’t get overburdened with emails (unless you have a ton of alerts set up!).

      You can also set how often you get alerts: as it happens, once a day, or once a week. Once you play with it, you’ll find the setting that works best for you

  • Hi there Matt,
    It’s great that you’re sharing such important information on how to improve post writing. Actually, bloggers can simply run out of ideas at some point and let the competition low their rankings, but because of the tools you’re mentioning they are able to have more topics to write about.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hey Carlos,

      Yes, running out of blog ideas and getting writer’s block is a very common occurrence. I have found that the tools I mentioned, especially Google Alerts, has been very helpful in finding new and fresh content ideas.

  • Hi Matt,
    Great tips about writing a blog. I am definitely going to check out Feedly and the title generator site. I can always use some more inspiration and ideas. I do use Google Alerts but haven’t found them useful so I think I need to revise the parameters so that I can make better use of it. Thanks for all the tips!

    • Hey Lidia,

      Feedly and the title generator are excellent tools, definitely check them out!

      I also found Google Alerts to be more spam than help at first, but try playing with the options, or try changing up your keywords to see if you have any better luck.

  • Hi Matt,
    I like the idea of using the Google alerts for content ideas. I also check out sites like yahoo answers and Quora, this works for me too. But when I check out the competition I am not sure when it is fine to continue. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hey Ilias,

      Quora and Yahoo Answers are great tools as well, thanks for sharing!

      It’s a good idea to check out the competition but I don’t put too much stock into that because your content will be different and that’s what will get you to stand out!

  • Really good advice. All too often I see blog posts similar to an online diary and the writer wants to know why they aren’t making any money or gaining traffic/subscribers. As much fun as it is to write about yourself, if you want to earn a living from your site, you have to write what others want to read–then you can pepper your website with personal “musings”.

    • I definitely agree with you, Daneen. When I first started blogging, I can remember it being difficult to get into the right “persona” for writing. You’re right, it’s more important to write content that your readers want to read, as opposed to it being a diary!

  • Matt, I’m using Google alerts and it has tremendously helped me in gathering new post ideas. It’s a must read for bloggers like me to avoid being unstuck. The tools you mentioned can make a huge impact on our blog. As they say, a small tweak can make a large difference. Thanks for sharing title generator, it’s full of ideas.

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