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Do you have content on your website that you want to appear in a Google search? Like the famous quote from the movie Field of Dreams says, “if you build it, they will come”….but how will they know you’re there???

There are literally millions and millions of people out there doing searches in Google every day. Lets ask Google themselves just to see how many

Google Daily Search

WOW! That’s a lot of searching and a lot of different search terms!

As bloggers, our goal is to get our pages at the top of the search results in the search engines. Knowing the search terms, also known as keywords, that people are using help us to target content to our audience.

Here are some ways in which you can find the best keywords for a website post.

Analyzing Keywords

A keyword is just the search text that someone enters in the search engine.

So then how do you know what people are searching for? There are many online tools that have been created to help figure out the most popular search terms. For the purposes of this post, I will be focusing on 2 of these tools: The WA Keyword Tool and Jaaxy.

It is really easy to find some great keywords using either tool. All you have to do is enter in a phrase that you think someone would search for and click on search.

You will be given the results for your keyword as well as many different suggestions for similar keywords within your niche.

Jaaxy Example


The meaning of the columns is as follows:

Avg The average number of searches that keyword gets per month
Traffic The estimated number of visits per month if you achieve a page 1 ranking
QSR Quoted Search Result: The number of competing websites ranked in Google for that exact keyword
KQI Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is great, Yellow is OK, Red is Poor
SEO A score from 1-00 based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the more likely you’ll get a page 1 ranking


I know that seems like a lot of information to analyze so I’m going to help break it down for you.

At the end of the day, the 3 main columns you want to focus on are Avg, QSR, and KQI. I have found it easiest to analyze it starting from the right side.

KQI should always be green, you shouldn’t waste your time with a yellow or red one because you’ll be competing with some pretty big websites out there, I’m talking ones that get millions of views a day. It’s unlikely that you’ll out rank them.

QSR should be as close to 0 as possible. Remember, that is the number of websites that are ranking for this exact keyword so the fewer sites out there the better.

Avg should be as high as possible, ideally over 100. The more searches per month, the more likely people searching will find you.

Keyword Types

There are 2 types of keywords that I want to make sure you understand because I think it will go a long way with helping you get good traffic.

Low Hanging Fruit
This keyword type refers to those keywords that may not get the most searches per month, but their QSR is really low.

These are great because they are very easy to rank for and once you wind up on page 1 then you will get more traffic.

Also, they add up quickly…think about it, say you have 5 keywords that have 40 searches per month with a QSR of 15. You cacn potentially wind up on page 1 for 200 searches a month…pretty Keyword Typessweet!

Long Tail Keywords
A long tail keyword is one that is made up of 3 words or more.

These are good to use because they contain other keywords within them. If you rank for one, you could be ranking for all of them!

Say you do a search for “youth foodtall helmets” and Jaaxy shows you it has a QSR of 120 but the it also lists “safest youth football helmet” with a QSR of 60, which would you choose? Your best bet is to go with the long tail keyword of “safest youth football helmet” so you get the most bang for your buck!

SEO In A Nutshell

Try searching for articles about getting content ranked in Google and one of the first things you’ll come across is a term called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I have to admit that when I first started blogging, Jaaxy ExampleI had no clue about what SEO was and I found that researching and reading about it confused me even more!

It wasn’t until I joined a website called Wealthy Affiliate that I learned exactly what SEO is, and also how to properly do it.

Turns out that I was making it WAAAY more complicated than it is, and that’s when the light bulb went on!

To put it in basic terms, SEO is something you can do to your content so that the search engines recognize it and hence give it a higher ranking. There are many techniques you can employ, but here are the 5 simple steps that I use.

1) Keyword Placement
You’ve done your keyword research and now have a keyword that gets good traffic and has a good QSR, so now it’s time to put that keyword to good use. You should put your keyword in the title of your blog post as well as somewhere in the first few paragraphs of text, and then after that, just simply write naturally.

Be sure to avoid using your keyword, or even new keywords, in the rest of your post…this is called keyword stuffing and Google will pick up on it and it will hurt your ranking.

Don’t overthink it, just type as you would speak, and there will be tons of keywords in there!

2) Meta Tags
When you do a search, ever notice that the title of the post is in blue and then there is some text under it? Those values are set by the author of the post in what are called Meta Tags.

Meta Tags Example

The title is self explanatory, use the title you’ve already created and you can also add some additional text to make it seem more attractive to click. The meta description should be brief and should entice the user to want to click the link….be sure to keep it 160 characters or less. Oh, and of course try to get your keyword in there too!

3) Images
Having visually pleasing images in your post is very important as they serve several purposes. First they provide natural breaks in all of the text and make it more pleasant to read. Secondly, images can actually help you with your SEO.

When you upload an image, you must make sure that you fill out the Title, Description, and Alt Text fields because the search engines actually see these and someone can wind up at your website via the search results for an image that you have in your post!

Did you know that you can create really awesome images using just Microsoft Word?  Make your website stand out with this training I wrote that shows you ALL the tricks!

How cool is that?

4) Share Socially
Social media has really asserted itself as a major force in the online world. With so many people constantly on the various social media outlets, it’s easy to see how they can really benefit someone that is trying to reach out to many people.  I highly recommend getting on social media, if you haven’t already, and start spreading the word about your website.Social Media Platforms

Here’s a learn from my mistake opportunity: Don’t sign up for too many social media platforms!

Keeping up with too many is difficult so it is in your best interest to pick 2 and just focus on those. Also, I strongly encourage you to make sure Google+ is one of your 2 because Google tends to favor that one for obvious reasons!

5) Engagement
Getting people excited and talking about your content is an important aspect in your ranking. The search engines like content that helps people solve problems or gives people information that they are looking for.

One of the ways that they can tell is by comments that people leave. A tip on getting comments is to make sure you ask questions at the end of your post….that tends to get people to answer them in the comments.

Next Step

When I first started blogging, I knew absolutely nothing.  learned all of this and MUCH MORE from folks that have been doing this successfully for many many years.


I strongly encourage you to check out Wealthy Affiliate, it’s FREE for you to try (no credit card needed)!  Sign up by clicking below and we’ll instantly be connected when you join and I’ll be more than happy to show you the ropes and get you up and running ASAP!  I’m always available for help and any questions you might have….can’t wait to see you there!  🙂


Wealthy Affiliate Starter

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  • Hi Matt, this is one of the best articles I seen about how to find great keywords! I belong to Wealthy Affiliate also, as well as Jaxxy. The community and training at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. I use Jaxxy all the time, and it is fun but challenging. I find myself on there all the time. This article give a nice overview about keywords and is very informative. With dedication to the training and hard work, I know success with Wealthy Affiliate will come. Thanks

    • Hey Eric,

      So glad that you liked the post! I hope that it helps simplify the keyword research process.

      That’s excellent that you use Jaaxy, it’s a fantastic tool…. I’ll be posting a Jaaxy Review soon, so stay tuned

  • What great ways you give of finding keywords. Years ago when I had a different blog I now know I went too broad with my keyword selection and was just getting nowhere. The Jaaxy tool is fantastic and I use this as well. What numbers would you stay under for the QSR? Really good article.
    Cheers Sharon

    • Hey Sharon,

      I also had a blog in which I was using keywords that were way too broad, it’s always great to be able to learn from your mistakes!

      Glad to hear you enjoy using Jaaxy, it’s such a powerful tool!

      As for QSR, you’ll hear many different opinions but I like to keep it as close to zero as possible, so I try to stay under 50. I’m willing to sacrifice the average searches per month for a better chance at a page 1 ranking.

      What is your opinion on it?

  • Now those are some real good steps to get your content appear on Google. People are always confused when it comes to keywords.

    A low hanging fruit keyword, one time in the title and first para, then natural post, that’s how simple it is. I would not worry about meta description if I have included the keyword within first few words because it will automatically appear in it then.

    Yes, keyword stuffing is not advised but if it is naturally appearing in your content then you don’t really have to worry about it. I also make sure to put some keywords in the image alt text or image name.

    Nice post!!

    • Thanks Hari, glad you enjoyed the post!

      People do make SEO much more complicated than it actually is so I hope that people have an easier time with it after reading this.

      Putting keywords in your image’s alt text is an excellent idea!!!

  • Hello there,
    I’ve been using google to find popular keywords by just typing in google and see what pops up. Never knew that such programs existed. Do you have to pay for this WA Keyword tool or Jaaxy? I would prefer not to pay if that’s possible. And do you have any other suggestions if these two are payable? Also how do I get people to comment on my website if I don’t have a lot of visitors yet ?

    • Hey Dejan,

      Using Google to start your keyword analysis is ok, but you are missing out on the data that tells you how much that particular keyword gets searched.

      Jaaxy requires a subscription, but you can sign up for a free account and try it out. The WA Keyword Tool is free for members of Wealthy Affiliate, which I definitely recommend you try out for FREE!

      Great question about comments, your best bet would be to share it on social media and encourage others to comment. Another trick you can do is to end your post with a question, that may inspire someone to leave a comment with an answer.

  • Thanks for the info on jaxxy, going to check that out. I had no idea the keyword should only be in the begining and too much can actually hurt your placing. Always happy to learn – thanks again!

    • Hey Jessica,

      You should definitely check out Jaaxy, it’s an amazingly useful tool for you to have in your arsenal!

      Definitely don’t overuse your keyword and also try hard to not stuff your post full of keywords…just let them come naturally.

  • This is great information and gives me some ideas. SEO is so important! Thanks for this informative post.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Leah. SEO is extremely important for a post, and so many people get intimidated by it….the truth is that it’s actually pretty easy, as I explained in my post!

  • What an informative post! I’ll definitely be referring back to this!

  • this is good information – thanks for this post!

  • Thanks for the great article. It will really help amateurs like me.

  • Great resources. I know I can always use help refining my strategies for keywords. Thanks for sharing!

    • Keyword research is ever evolving, Dori! We can all use a good refresher from time to time, and I’m glad that you found my post helpful 🙂

  • Great article keyword selection is super important for blog posts but can be complicated for sure. Super helpful!

  • Keywords are definitely one of the harder things to tackle when writing posts for sure!

    • You’re right Rachel, keyword research is so important to do so that your posts get ranked. It can be difficult to do, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier!

  • Wow, what a lot of helpful info! I’ve bookmarked for future reference. Thanks

    • Thanks Vicki! I’m glad you found the post so helpful and hope that you are able to use the techniques in the future!

      Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so that you get all of my latest posts!

  • Very informative article, going to give Jaaxy a try. Relatively new to blogging, so this was very helpful.

  • Thank you for this awesome information. As a new blogger, SEO and keywords are confusing to me. This was very helpful and I absolutely will be signing up for Wealthy Affiliate, I need all the help I can get!

    • Hey Melissa! I’m so glad that you found my post so helpful. I remember when I first started that I knew nothing about keywords or SEO, but once you get a good grasp on it, you’ll find that it becomes much easier!

      That’s great news about Wealthy Affiliate….I hope you join via my link so that we can be connected immediately! I look forward to working with you! 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing the informative article Matt. I have bookmarked it as well incase needed.

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