Affiliate Window: The Best Affiliate Program to Join

Affiliate marketing is a terrific way for someone to monetize their blog.  If you are not familiar, please check out my affiliate marketing guide.

With so many out there, how do you know which one is the best affiliate program to join?  The answer to that question is typically driven by your website’s niche.

When I first started blogging I created a website and wound up joining affiliate programs for each company who’s product I wanted to promote.  Before I knew it, I was a member of at least half a dozen programs and it became extremely difficult to keep up with all of them.

It was shortly after that when I found out about affiliate networks that manage multiple affiliate programs for you.  After joining many affiliate programs, along with several affiliate networks, I want to share with you about the best affiliate program to join….it’s called Affiliate Window.

Affiliate Window Logo

Joining The Affiliate Window Platform

The process of joining the Affiliate Window platform is very simple.  Make sure that your website is live, and you’ll probably want to publish your Contact Page and Privacy Policy, along with at least one (or two if possible) post.

Head on over to Affiliate Window and fill out the application.  The last step requires a $5 deposit that gets refunded to you upon being approved…now I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want to spend any money for an affiliate program.  I am here to tell you that it will be fully refunded to you as soon as you are accepted (and even if you’re not)!

You’ll make your $5 back and THEN SOME with this platform!

Money Fan

Major advertisers such as:

  • Etsy
  • Fiverr
  • Stubhub

….and so many more makes this platform perfect for all kinds of niches such as travel, fashion, entertainment, and so on!

Adding Affiliate Programs

In the Affiliate Window platform, companies that have the products are known as Advertisers and the people who promote the products are known as Publishers.

It’s simple for a publisher to add an advertiser to their network.  Simply click on the Advertiser -> Join Program menu and you will be presented with a simple to use directory.

There are 4 main category groups that can be used to filter

  • Finance & Insurance
  • Retail & Shopping
  • Telecommunication & Services
  • Travel

Once you check off one of the main categories, you will be presented with a list of subcategories that you can use to really drill down into your niche.  There’s also a nice search bar that you can use to search for advertisers.

Once you find an advertiser you like, you just simply click on their name and you’ll see their Affiliate Window profile.  The profile consists of 5 tabs:


The overview tab will give you a lot of details about the advertiser.  The information can vary, butpretty much all of them explain who the company is, what kind of products/services they have for publishers to market, what kind of product feed they offer, and most importantly, they will explain how their commissions work and what their cookie length is.

In case you aren’t familiar with what cookie length is, I’ll explain.  If you were to click an affiliate link promoting a tshirt on Etsy (one of the great advertisers on Affiliate Window), you would get what’s called a cookie placed on your computer/device.  That means, if you go back to Etsy at a later time, then the person who referred you still earns commission.  Cookie lengths vary and can be any length of time decided by the advertiser.


The documents tab will have documents that the advertiser prepared for their affiliates.  These can include things like a Welcome Letter, a Getting Started Guide, Terms & Conditions and so on.

Affiliate Window Pinterest

I’ve found that some of the advertisers even provide a Guideline document which is basically their way of showing you what tends to work best for their particular company.


Program Terms


The Program Terms tab gives you a more detailed breakdown of the commission structure, including the percentage you earn as well as the length of the cookie period.


The Performance tab gives you a graphical representation of the advertiser’s performance.  The graph will show you how well the products have done throughout all of the Affiliate Window platform.

You can use this information to help you decide if this is an advertiser that you would like to work with.  Having it in the form of a graph makes it really simple to interpret.

Commission Groups

The Commission Groups tab shows you the different commission levels that you can achieve based on the sales that you make.  It also shows you what the cookie length is again.

Once you have decided which advertiser you would like to work with, you just simply click the Join Program link on their profile.  At that point your application will go into a Pending status until you are approved (which happens pretty much every time).

Building Links

One of the most important parts of any affiliate program is building the links for the products….after all, that’s how you are going to earn your commissions!

Thankfully, building great links on Affiliate Window is really simple for anyone to do.  Check out this tutorial that walks you through building a link for an Etsy product (the process is the same for all advertisers).

Browser Plugin

One of the best things about Affiliate Window is that there is a plugin for both the Chrome browser and FireFox.  You simply install the plugin for your browser and then a button for Affiliate Window will be added.

When you browse to an advertiser’s website, you’ll be able to do things like join the network, and better yet, you’ll be able to easily build links to the products you like.

This tool, in and of itself, will save you hours of link building within the Affiliate Window platform.  You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it after no time!


As a publisher, it is important for you to have a way to track your performance, and Affiliate Window provides some terrific reporting tools.  You’ll be able to track advertisers, products, and even by device.  These are just some of the reports that you can run, the full list is below.

Affiliate Window Reports

When you run a report, you’ll be presented with an easy to read pie chart along with a detailed report right below.  The data is very thorough and it includes many fields for you to analyze.

Some of the most important fields in each report are Program Name, Clicks, Conversion Rate, and Commission.  You’re able to expand out the row of data to reveal even more detailed information!

You will definitely not feel like there is any type of shortage of data!


After having been a member of many individual affiliate programs, I have definitely found that belonging to a quality affiliate network makes it a lot easier to track your performance.

When it comes to affiliate networks, Affiliate Window is the best of the best!  They have so many major advertisers and the fact that they are so picky with who the allow into their network proves that you are always dealing with reputable companies.

The easy to use website, 24/7 phone and email support, along with the prompt commission payout make Affiliate Window a must for any affiliate marketer!

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  • This is a great post. I recently joined the programme and I’m struggling with it

    • Hey Eleanor, I definitely understand how you could struggle with Affiliate Window….once you get it going, you’ll be making money in no time!

  • I really appreciated this article! I am just getting started, and I plan to use your ideas.

    • That’s really great Sandy…I’m so glad I was able to help you! Definitely check out Affiliate Window, I’d greatly appreciate it if you joined via one of my links 🙂

  • I definitely need to start getting into Awin. I applied and I am all set up to go, but haven’t actually put it to good use as of yet! I was hoping to use Awin to become a GoDaddy affiliate but I was not accepted so that was unfortunate.

    However, I guess I could apply for other affiliate programs through Awin!

    Thank you for the info!

    • Definitely get it going Brett…once you do, you’ll see that you’ll start making some money. With so many different affiliate choices within the Affiliate Window platform, you should be able to find other options in place of GoDaddy

  • This is something I really need to learn more about. I haven’t started to monetize my blog yet, but I want to start! Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hey Kate, it’s never too late to start monetizing your blog! I’m glad you were able to learn something from my post….definitely check out the other posts on my website as I think they’ll probably help you in your monetizing efforts.

      Joining Affiliate Window is a great way for you to get started! I’d greatly appreciate it if you joined via one of the links on my website 🙂

  • I have never heard of this before. It sounds like a good one! I’m always eager to earn money, so I’ll look into this.

    • I was so happy when I found Affiliate Window….it definitely gives you many ways to monetize your blog. I’d be greatly appreciative if you joined via one of the links on my website 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of this Affiliate program, but I will look into it. Great article with a lot of value information shared.

  • This is really awesome post and I have bookmarked it! I have been using various other affliate programmes and failed!

    • I’m so glad to hear that Ashvin! I highly recommend Affiliate Window, you should definitely give it a shot….I would be greatly appreciative if you joined via one of the links on my website 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing!…Great article and I know many people will join and I hope to learn from many with expertise. I’m new to blogging and hope to learn even more. Thanks Again!

    • Thanks Victor, I’m glad you got some good information from my post. Affiliate Window is definitely the way to go when it comes to affiliate marketing! I’d be greatly appreciative if you joined via the link on my website 🙂

  • Wow I’ve never heard of this. It is definitely something I need to try out

  • thanks for sharing – it does become a bit too much when i’m trying to manage all of these different programs!

  • I have signed up to a few ad networks but have not used them on my site yet as I don’t want to put off my readers. What would you recommend I do to effectively use an affiliate network? x

    • Great question Ana…the first step would be to join Affiliate Window (via the links on my website!) and then after that you just work them into your content. You can also make some nice call to action buttons, much like the one at the end of this post!

  • Thanks for the advice! I have been looking for more affiliates to look into.

  • Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to try this program!

    • You should definitely try it out Kat, you will not be disappointed! I’d be greatly appreciative if you joined via one of the links in my post 🙂

  • I am heading over there now. I want to get into affiliates. I like this article and am going to try it out. Thank you.

    • I’m so glad you are going to give it a try, Jim! You’ll find many different companies in the Affiliate Window program and I am sure you will find success!

  • I would love to give this a try. Thanks for the great information. I am sure there is a learning curve to using it.

    • Hey Claudia,

      There is a little bit of a learning curve, but I think that you’ll find that it is pretty easy to use. There is a lot of training videos and documentation to help you get going. You can always ask me for help, I’d be happy to assist 🙂

  • I fail in a miserable way when it’s coming to affiliate marketing. I guess I need to put a lot of effort into learning the ins and outs of this. I didn’t give up yet and I will give this program a try!

    • Hey Muna, you should definitely not give up yet! The Affiliate Window platform has a lot to offer you, and I think you will find that you can earn money with your blog!

  • I am an affiliate for a dozen or so online stores. My biggest money maker is a small shop that runs their own affiliate program.

  • Thanks for the information. I joined sharesale, clickbank and other affiliates. Do you think they are as good as awin. I am going to apply for this. I heard Amazon is one of the best programs as well. This was useful advice and hopefully it pays off in the future.

    • Hey Max,

      I’m glad you found my post helpful!  I have tried ShareASale and Commission Junction before I found Affiliate Window, and I have to say that I found AWin to be the best… fact, AWin recently acquired ShareASale!

      Amazon’s affiliate program is good but their commission is low at 4% and the cookie period is only 24 hours.

      You should give Affiliate Window a try!

  • I’m an Amazon affiliate, but I have been looking for other affiliates that may be better. And this one looks amazing. Thank you for the information.

    • Hey Krysten,

      Amazon Associates is a good program although the 24 hour cookie period and low commission was a turn off for me. You should definitely give Affiliate Window a try, I think you’ll really like it.

  • Seems interesting and possibly very useful. I would believe you make your deposit back, I like that you say it’s a good way to track your performance.

    • Yes, Sondra, rest assured that your deposit is refunded with no issue. The reporting available is really great, it enables you to see pretty much whatever you want!

  • Hey Matt,

    I have been trying to get an affiliate network that accept affiliates from all over the world. Does Affiliate Window do that?

    Also, the $5 deposit thing doesn’t really make me happy. It seems to be a matter of chancing, and I don’t want to chance on my money when I am looking for more. Can I take your word for it and put the money on the line?

    • Hey Dave,

      Yes!  Affiliate Window is most definitely a global company! 

      To be honest with you, I wasn’t crazy about the$5 deposit either but I went for it and it has paid off! Your money is fully refunded so you don’t lose it, this I guarantee!

      If you’re looking for a solid global affiliate network, then this is your answer!

  • Wow, what a great post! Thanks for the recommendation! One thing about affiliate programs is that there are too many of them, and just like you said, it’s too hard to keep up with all of them. I will check AW out and see if it’s for me. Thank you for this information!

    • Thanks for the kind words Rex!  With so many affiliate programs out there, it’s really nice to have everything all in one place with Affiliate Window!

  • Wow, that’s really informative article. I never heard about affiliate window before. I’ll look up to it. Because right now I’m still struggling to find an extra income. I really need the best tool to make more money.

    By the way, if you don’t mind can you share a little bit more about your progress with affiliate window?

    • Hey Satria, I’m glad that you enjoyed my post!  You should definitely give Affiliate Window a try, the tools that they have there are really great and will help you be successful in monetizing your blog!

  • Hey Matt!

    I’m always looking for new affiliate marketing programs and I didn’t know this one.

    It looks cool, since it has many different advertisers to choose from, and they also seem to be very transparent and informative.

    I’ll take a deeper look into this one.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hey Israel, you should absolutely give Affiliate Window a try (I would be very appreciative if you used my link!)

      I think you’ll find that the tools there are really great and easy to use!

  • This is a lot of helpful information to absorb but, it makes sense how it works. I’ve wondered about it too. I am an Amazon affiliate and part of another group but, I know there are many more.

    • Hey Elizabeth, Amazon Associates is a great program although the cookie period of 24 hours and low commission turned me off. I was happy to find Affiliate Window and hope that you give it a try!

  • Affiliate is definitely one thing I’m trying to learn and incoporate into my blog, but for some reason, I’ve not just come around to doing it. I guess the whole process is still a little bit confusing for me.

    • It’s understandable that it is confusing, Mary. Once you get the hang of it, though, it is really simple!

      Affiliate Window is a great way for you to get started, and I would be happy to help you get going with it if you would like 🙂

  • I’m definitely going to find this and sign up! I’ve hard great things but I haven’t signed up yet!

    • You won’t be disappointed Katriza! Affiliate Window is a great platform!

      I’d be very appreciative if you signed up via the links on my website…and if you need any assistance, I’d be happy to help you! 🙂

  • Your post is very in depth and detail. I would like to look at this program for my blog too. Thanks for sharing.
    XOXO //SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

    • You should definitely check it out Ophelia!

      I would be so appreciative if you joined via the link in my post…I’m happy to help you if you have any issues with AWIN!

  • I’m all about affiliate programs, especially with Amazon. But I’m not too sure about the $5 initial fee. I tend to be weary of companies that require me to pay to promote them.

    • Hey Katy,

      I had a similar reservation about the $5 deposit, but since it is automatically refunded, I was ok with it. Amazon is a great affiliate program too, although their cookie period of 24 hours is a bit short and their commission is low so it was a turn off for me.

  • Thanks for your tips! Affiliate program is also the best means to earn from our website. Am starting to incorporate it and am excited for the results.

  • So going to be looking into this program! Thank you!!

  • I don’t really do affiliates. I know a gal who is really delving into it though, so I’m copying your link to give her.

  • What a great review about the affiliate program I will check it out.

  • It’s interesting to learn about other affiliate programs… I don’t know much about them. I’ve always wanted to try the amazon program also.

    • Hey Oyinkan,

      I’m glad that you learned what an affiliate is…it’s a great way to make some money from your blog. I hope that you enjoy the Affiliate Window platform!

  • I need to try to goo deeper in that affiliate programs. That one sounds quite promising

    • Affiliate marketing is a terrific way to monetize your blog. If you’re interested in that then you should definitely check out Affiliate Window.

      I wish you the best of luck!

  • Wow amazing affiliate program. Will have to check them out because I’ve been wanting to find a new one.

  • I have been seeing more and more about this and think it could work nicely! Thanks for some more background info I wasn’t to sure how everything worked!

    • Thanks Laura! I’m glad that I was able to help you better understand Affiliate Window. If you haven’t already tried it, you definitely should!

  • This is very helpful as someone who is just starting to consider adding affiliates! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  • I’ve heard such great things about Awin I am still trying to get to grips with sharesale but I need to start really working hard on affiliates. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Joan,

      ShareASale actually just got bought by Awin, although I’m not totally certain of the details as far as current SAS users. You should definitely consider Awin, I am sure you will enjoy the platform!

  • Just getting into affiliate marketing this is super helpful, I’ll add it to my list of new affiliates!

    Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for the info on Affiliate Window. I will definitely keep them in mind.

  • sounds like a great program to look into. i like the thoroughness of your writing, makes it seem very simple to join!
    tonya @

    • Thank you Tonya! It seems very simple because it is! 🙂

      You should definitely give Awin a try so that you can make some money from your blog

  • Always looking for something new never tried anything. So maybe a good idea to get one on the road

    • Hey Dieter, if you are considering trying out affiliate marketing on your blog then you should most definitely try Affiliate Window, I think you will love using that platform!

  • I’ve never heard of this one before this – amazing info!

    Coming Up Roses

  • How many readers (let’s say weekly) does one need to really see gains from this?

    • That’s a great question, Re! You definitely do need traffic in order to make money with affiliate marketing…the more you get the better your chances of converting sales are. If I had to put a number to it, I would say that 500+ pageviews should generate at least some sales.

  • I use CJ but definitely considering moving to AWIN, after reading this post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi there,
    I was really looking for a detailed step by step guide to do this because I was really confused about doing this.
    Thanks a lot, buddy.
    Keep posting good stuff. Cheers.

    • Hey Lancelam, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and that you got familiarized with Awin.

      If you need more help, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help

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