5 Easy and Legit Part Time Work From Home Jobs

Many of us are seeking another stream of income, but who wants to go get a second job?!?  A part time job that you can do from your house would be perfect, surely there’s gotta be something out there!

You’ve probably been looking on the internet in search of the right opportunity that will help ease your financial burdens, yet all you seem to find are people that claim you will be making thousands of dollars overnight…those are just scams and it is important to be able to detect a scam.

Fear not though, there are legitimate part time work from home jobs out there that will pay you real money for the work that you provide.  These opportunities allow you to set your own schedule so they are perfect for a stay at home mom, a college student, or even for someone with a full time job that they can do in the evenings.  I’ve tried many jobs online so I’m happy to share with you these legit part time work from home jobs.

#1. Become A Virtual Assistant

Approximate Pay: $12-$13 an hour

Many business owners and/or executives tend to have very busy and hectic schedules.  In the corporate world, a secretary or assistant helps them manage their day to day activities.  The power of the internet has opened the door for these busy professionals to employ qualified assistants virtually, meaning the person can live anywhere!

So what, exactly does a virtual assistant do?  Well the simple answer is: EVERYTHING!  Your client (the busy professional) will ask you to do several tasks that they just don’t have time to do.  It can be anything from data entry to making a dinner reservation.  Here are some examples of tasks you could be called upon to perform:

  • Do data entry from an Excel document to an online system
  • Send e-mails to clients
  • Make and schedule events such as dinner reservations or doctor appointments
  • Call various customer service representatives for information or problem solving
  • Research a particular topic

To become a virtual you will need to have an understanding of basic computer usage…things like email (gmail or outlook usually), searching through Google, and Microsoft Office.  It is a requirement for you to have a high speed internet connection, and you also have to be available during normal working hours in the event your client needs you for something.

If this sounds interesting to you then you can check out the :::freelance websites::: for available gigs, but you should also have a look at the website Zirtual.

#2. Evaluate Search Engines

Approximate Pay: $13-$17 an hour

Have you ever wondered how Google always returns the right results for what you searched for?  Well the main reason is that they have a super algorithm that they’ve spent many years (and a lot of money) working on.  Even as good as it is, it can still benefit greatly with actual human validation and that is the function of a search engine evaluator.

As a search engine evaluator you will be responsible for verifying the accuracy Googles search engine result pages (SERPS).  Each company has their own ways of doing that, and the task details are a bit fuzzy due to non disclosure agreements that must be signed.  However, the jist of it is that you will be helping to test out the latest and greatest Google algorithm and pointing out any mistakes in the results.

One of the nice things about this kind of job is that you get to set your own schedule and so you can work whenever you want, although there is a minimum of 20 hours per week that you’ll need to make sure you achieve.  You will work as an independent contractor to the company and will earn hourly wages.

There are several companies that are often hiring search engine evaluators, he 2 biggest are Leapforce and Lionbridge

#3. Audio and Video Transcriber

Approximate Pay: $1 per 100 words

So much of the world today is digital.  It seems like there’s a new Youtube channel or podcast coming out almost daily at this point!  On top of that, most people have cell phones and are recording video and audio all the time.  Believe it or not there is a need for the words spoken on the video or audio recording to be transcribed into text.

You can work as a transcriber and type out the words in a video or audio file.  The process is really pretty simple.  Each company has their own proprietary system that they use, you listen to the file (or watch the video) and type out the text as it plays.

You typically get paid based on the number of words you type, although some could pay by the length of the audio/video file.  The work is usually steady as there is always something that needs to be transcribed, and these companies usually have the file in your native language.

Some of the biggest transcription companies are Rev and Amazon mTurk.

#4. Become a Sales Rep

Approximate Pay: varies based on product and sales volume

All of the items on this list require you to be behind a computer screen to work, but if you would rather be out and about meeting people and selling products then this is the gig for you!

A VERY popular trend lately are people hosting “pop up parties” where they invite people in their community into their home and sell them a product that they are representing.

For example, Lularoe is a women’s clothing company that many women love (my wife included!)  My neighbor is a representative and she invited everyone in the neighborhood to her house where she had all of her products available for everyone to see, touch, and even try on.  My wife came home with 3 pairs of pants and 2 tops!

The parties are a lot of fun and there is usually appetizers and, of course, wine!  Everyone gets to socialize and share their likes and dislikes about the product line.  It’s fun to go shopping in that way and get to meet new people.

The sales rep gets paid by Lularoe based on their sales as well as some other factors.  Many people are doing this type of work, you get to make your own schedule and host parties whenever you’d like.

With so many people doing it, you will have plenty of help and resources to help you be successful!

#5. Blogging

Approximate Pay: varies based on affiliate links and ads

I’ve saved the best for last, blogging.  Absolutely anyone is able to successfully run a blog, and the best part of it is that you are in full control of everything you post on your website.  You get to express your opinion and actually help people which is a great feeling.

Getting started is the hardest part, you are probably having an uneasy feeling about 2 things…1) a fear of writing and 2) a fear of the technical aspect.

I can COMPLETELY relate to you, I was in the exact same position less than one year ago!  I didn’t think that I would be able to write well enough for blogging, I’m not an English major.  As it turns out, I’m more than capable and so are you!  Rather than write perfect and grammatically correct articles, you simply write just as you would speak.  Once I understood that, the posts flowed completely naturally!

The technical part is a little more tricky to master, but the reality is that it’s also not overly difficult if you take the time to read and research.  You shouldn’t be afraid to try it out and see if you can do it…..my guess is that you will probably surprise yourself with what you’re able to do.

I’m really excited to share with you a fantastic platform that I used to learn more than everything I needed to about blogging.  The online articles and training videos have been invaluable to me as I got into the blogging world.  Even better is that they have taken all of the technical aspects of it and made it completely user friendly….even my mom was able to do it!!!

You can sign up for the free trial, without even having to give a credit card number.  Sign up using the link below and we’ll instantly be connected and I’m more than happy to be your guide and mentor.  I’ll personally help you get up and running in no time.  Also, sign up within 7 days and receive MY SPECIAL DISCOUNT of over 60% on your first month!

Wealthy Affiliate Starter


You can successfully and legitimately make good (and REAL) money using any of these methods.  The best part of all of these is that you get to set your own schedule and you can work as much or as little as you want.

One tip I want to make sure I mentioned is that you should visit Glassdoor before you decide on which company you will work for.  That is a website where employees, both current and past, give reviews and information about the pros and cons of companies.  It’s a great resource for you to get a glimpse into what’s really involved in a job.

In addition to these part time gigs, check out other opportunities in which you can make some side money that require a bit less work (always a plus!).

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  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you so much for this really informative article! As you said, who wants to get another job when it’s possible to earn supplemental income from home and have more free time? You listed some good ideas here, and Wealthy Affiliate is a great option that I am currently using to grow my blog. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in blogging.

    Thanks again!


    • Hi Luba,

      Yes, getting a second job is not something I’m interested in….spending time with my family is much better than doing that! 🙂

      Wealthy Affiliate is tremendous and I wish you much success!

  • These are all excellent work from home opportunities. As far as virtual assistants, transcribers, and search engine evaluators are concerned, should I be concerned about a lack of job experience in these fields? Will these platforms that you mention accommodate me?

    Im okay with looking for part time hourly work while Im building my affiliate marketing business

    Thank you for your help


    • Hey Jessie,

      You don’t need any experience to do any of the jobs listed….all you really need is basic computer knowledge so that you can easily work online.

      You will also get training so yes, absolutely, these platforms will accommodate you!

  • Hi Matt,

    I too am a family guy with only one young child and a very beautiful wife. I have a full-time job working as a graphic designer at Vistaprint however one income is just not enough for my family and I to live comfortable. So I began searching online and found your blog. Let me first start by saying that this is very informative! I am sure that there are a million ways out there to make money online, however, you have picked the best ones (in my opinion). Blogging was always something I said I would do however it is super hard getting started. I just signed up with Wealthy Affiliate and I am more than willing to give this a try. I have a few niches picked out that I really enjoy talking about so I will be exploring that for sure.

    I love my job and I love what I do but I am working for financial freedom. At my own pace in the comfort of my own home so I get to spend more time with my family.
    How long have you been with the wealthy affiliate family?

    • Hey there, it certainly sounds like you and I have a lot in common! You can definitely understand the want to make more money but not at the expense of spending time with your family.

      Congratulations on making the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate, I think it is just what you need. I’ve been a member for just about a year now and it has made a world of difference. Did you happen to join via the link on my blog?

      I look forward to connecting inside the community!

  • Thank you for this great post! I’m a student at university and I was looking for a part time job – so I was considering making money from my blog. This post is so useful and helpful! Thank you!

  • I did various work online when I was working part time, including a lot of writing. I had no idea about evaluating search engines though, that’s a great idea!

    • Hey Becky….yes, search engine evaluation is real, and it pays real money. If you’re looking for some side money then this could be the opportunity for you!

  • I tend to hesitate to read these sorts of posts because they tend to be too generic or not applicable to someone who is chronically ill and home bound, but this post was neither! Besides blogging, I had not heard of these other options and there’s at least one I can pass along to chronically ill friends. Thank you for this post!

    • Hi Maygin,

      It makes me so happy that you will be showing this to someone that is chronically ill. I love helping people and to know that my post is helping someone like that truly warms my heart. 🙂

      I hope that it makes a difference for them and that they find nothing but success!

  • I’ve done writing for Upwork and I’ve really enjoyed it.

  • Great tip about checking out the reviews of a company in order to make an informed decision!

  • I had no clue that the first three pay so well! Thanks for the awesome suggestions.

  • Some great info on this post and also blog.
    Thanks for sharing these tips
    Look forward to your next post.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad that you find all my posts so helpful and hope you are able to use the tools I have shared with you.

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