11 Crucial Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners

When you are new to blogging it can be challenging to figure out the best practices.  I remember being in the same position not too long ago when I first started out.  It’s important to know that there is no “secret sauce” to writing content, everyone has their own style and way of doing things….it all depends on what works best for you.

I don’t want others to have to struggle the way that I did when first starting so I compiled my own list of blogging tips and tricks for beginners.  I hope you find some of these helpful!

1. Write Like You Talk

The number one fear that most new bloggers have is that they are afraid of writing.  There is a common misconception that a blogger has to be an English major, or someone with a background in writing/publishing, and so forth.

This could not be further from the truth!

A blog is not a place that perfection is expected, rather it is a place for informal and conversational style writing. Some of the best posts are those that aren’t perfect grammatically but the writer was able to effectively get his or her point across to the reader.  At the end of the day, that is the most important thing.Write Like You Talk

The best way to write your blog post is to literally write just as if you were having a conversation with
someone. I know that sounds like it could take some getting used to, and it will, but once you’ve done it a couple of times it will be like second nature!  I think that by midway through my third post I had the hang of it, hopefully you’ll be able to get it down pat after your first post!

As you write what comes to your mind, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your word count piles up. There have been times that I just get lost in writing what’s in my head and then I look up and suddenly my post is over 1000 words and I’m not even done yet!

Much like anything else, the more posts you write the better you will get at it. The first few may take a little bit longer to finish but you’ll figure out how to write your blog posts faster and then you’ll be able to easily crank out post after post!

2. Make Sure The Content Is Your Own

An integral part of good keyword research is checking out the competition.  By that I mean doing a search for your keyword and reading what other bloggers have written about that exact topic, or similar ones.Blogging | Tips And Tricks | Beginner | Getting Started

It is more than acceptable to get ideas from what your competition has done, it’s an excellent way of getting inspiration about what to write. One important thing that I need to really stress: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know that you absolutely should not, under any circumstances, copy their work verbatim.

There’s a good reason that I am stressing this so much. The Google bot runs and collects all of the data from all websites and does its magical analysis on it.  Eventually it will find your post and it will see that it was duplicated from someone else, and you will be penalized MAJORLY for it.  I’m not saying that someone will hunt you down and you’ll have to pay a fine or anything like that, but your website will suffer the consequences and your rankings will plummet.

Plagiarism is not something that Google tolerates, even if you copy one of your own posts from one of your sites to a totally different site!  Just don’t do it!

3. Develop A Quality Call To Action

You’ve done all of your research and you have written a fabulous post chock full of internal links, external links, and lots of great images. Visitors will read your post and then what?  You need to be sure that you lead them down a particular path, most often times towards a product or service that you want them to buy.

Guiding the user to do something at the end of a post is referred to as a Call To Action.  Surely you’ve seen fancy looking buttons with phrases like “Try Now For FREE” or “Get Yours Now” or “Supplies Are Limited”.  When done correctly, it is extremely tough for a visitor to not want to click on the button…and that’s how you create conversions.

There’s a whole science to effective call to actions; everything from colors to the text to placement on the page is considered. You would be amazed at how the human psyche has been analyzed to help others predict behavior.

4. Create A Catchy Headline

The headline of your post is the first impression to a reader, and as your mom probably told you: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”.

The majority of your visitors will read your headline while a smaller number will actually read the actual your post.

Lets examine how you can create a catchy headline that captures the attention of your readers.

Emotion Words
The most important job of the headline is to spark emotion because that will make the reader want to know more and they’ll click to find out.  Words like Amazing, Incredible, Brilliant, Shocking, and so on are perfect examples of emotion words.

Use Direction
People don’t usually like to be told what to do but your headline should help guide the user towards clicking your post link.  The headline should use direction, and by that I mean words like You, Your, You’ll, or even “groups” like business owners, bloggers, beginners, and so on.  By using those words you make the post seem like it is something specific for that reader.

Include Your Keyword
When you decided on the post you were going to write, you did your keyword research.  One of the most important places to insert your keyword is in the headline so don’t forget to include it!

There is a whole science to creating catchy headlines, check out this great infographic that explains it really well….I HIGHLY encourage you to bookmark and share this page so you can easily reference the image!

Anatomy of a Successful Blog Headline

5. Anticipate Failure

You have so many choices when it comes to making money online and blogging is one of them, and it happens to be my method of choice.  🙂

The reasons I like blogging so much are because you get to express yourself in any way you choose while also helping people solve problems or make purchasing decisions…earning commission on the affiliate link sales definitely helps make it all worthwhile.

That being said, you should know that success does not come overnight.  It does take a while for you to gain trust in the search engines and subsequently for your posts to rank high.  If you’ve done everything right it WILL happen, but it takes time to grow…just like a regular brick and mortar business would.

One of the best pieces of advice I got from someone at Wealthy Affiliate (the best online business training platform around, try it for FREE!) was to anticipate failure.  He emphasized that traffic and sales won’t happen right away.  Yes it takes work, but it will pay off in the end.  Keep your eye on the prize and keep going was the message.

6. Patience Is A Virtue

This goes hand in hand with the previous tip.  I know it can be tempting to go and check how your site is doing, but trust me, it’s better that you don’t look too often in the beginning!  It will do nothing but get you discouraged and you’ll start to lose interest.Patience

Once you hook up Google Analytics to your website, you’ll be able to see how many visitors you get each day, what they’re looking at, and much more.  In the beginning it is best to check it only a couple of days per week…..my schedule in the beginning was to check it Sunday and Wednesday nights.

Checking too often in the beginning won’t do any harm to your website, only to your motivation!

7. Be Honest And Transparent

I personally take this tip extremely serious, in fact it is one of the pillars of every piece of content that I write on this website!

So many people are trying to make money online these days, and unfortunately not everyone has people’s best interests in mind. Sadly, there are people out there that will try and trick you into buying into their overnight money making schemes….you have surely seen them and hopefully were able to detect the scam and run away!

Honesty Is The Best Policy

When writing your blog post, always remember to be honest and transparent in what you are telling someone.  Real people are reading this stuff and they are making real decisions based, at least partly, on it.  I always try to remember to list the positives AND the negatives about what I’m promoting.

8. Know Your Audience

It’s very important that you do your homework when it comes to writing content that your readers want to read.  You need to fully immerse yourself in your niche so that you can make sure you stay relevant and up to date with what you post.

So how do you know what your readers would want to read?  Here are some ways in which you can find out:

  • Ask them!  Send an email to your subscribers and ask them what questions or concerns you may be able to help them with.  You’ll be surprised at how many replies you get!
  • Reread Comments. I’m sure you read and replied to all the comments on your posts as they came in but take a few minutes to reread them.  Questions asked there could give you insights.
  • Browse Forums. Visit forums in your niche and see what topics are being discussed.

9. Keep Your Content Timeless

In this day and age things happen very quickly and things become Broken Clockobsolete at warp speed.  People want the latest and greatest, that’s why manufacturers make slight changes to a product and give it a new “version number”.  People will go in droves to get the newest model.

Blog posts are no different so be careful not to include too many time sensitive things in your posts. Definitely stay away from using a year in your headline (unless it’s an end of year countdown or something like that)

People tend to shy away from things that seem outdated so make sure you keep it fresh and new!

10. Short Paragraphs, White Space Is Good

Everyone has their own writing style, but one thing that should all bloggers should consider is keeping paragraphs short.  Readers tend to scan a page before they really dive in, and one of the biggest turn offs is a page that has long paragraphs of endless text.

Breaking longer paragraphs of text into smaller chunks makes the post look less intimidating to a reader. It will add white space to your page which also makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking of aesthetics, don’t forget to add images into your content.  Images provide another great way to break up all that text.  It gives the readers eye a nice break, and posts with great images tend to get shared on social media more.

11. Post Lists and How Tos

People are constantly on the internet searching for answers to questions and are looking to learn.  As they read through the results of their search, they are often looking for things that stand out to them.  They are looking for the quickest information they can find.Checklist

Since they tend to scan pages quickly, one of the best kinds of posts you can make is a List Post…much like this one!  Visitors will scan through each bolded headline and read the ones that interest them. Remember to add images and information that will make them stop at each one!

The other really popular kind of post is a How To post.  The number of searches done using the phrase “How to …..” is increasing exponentially.  We are becoming a more DIY society so posts that (either done by you or someone else) share knowledge of how to do something are internet gold!  Make sure you include a Youtube video  in your how to post!

One Last Thing…

I hope you have enjoyed my 11 blogging tips and tricks for beginners, and I hope that you were able to learn something.

I’m always looking to learn more so I would love to hear about any other ideas that you may have.  Please don’t be shy, share in the comments or you can contact me directly!

What blogging tips have worked for you?

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  • Matt,
    Thanks for an interesting and informative article. I really like the graphic about successful blog headlines and a going to try and implement your tips in my writing. You are right about readers scanning headlines in articles. This is another of your articles I have enjoyed and you definitely seem to have the right idea.

    • Hi Fran,

      I’m so glad that you liked the post! I also really liked the headline graphic, I think it really helps spell out some great things to consider when creating a headline. I’m so happy that you will be trying some of my tips….please comment back and let me know which ones you found most useful, I’d love to hear

  • I have read quite a few articles on tips for blogging and I have to say this is definitely one of the best! I like the fact you have gone into detail in each heading and really explained your thoughts behind what you’re writing (which ironically is one of the headings itself ;-)) Very good advice and even though I have been blogging for a while now, it was refreshing to read such an informative post and give me a gentle reminder about how I should be blogging. Thank you!

    • Hi Louise,

      Thank you for the kind words, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post and I hope you got something out of it. It’s always a good thing to get reminders of some fundamentas from time to time!

  • Hi Matt,

    Excellent points 😉

    Writing how you speak is one of my faves. In a minute I will write a post for a free ebook I giveaway every Friday. Both the post – and all my posts and eBooks – are written how I speak to folks offline. Adds authenticity to my work.

    Newbie bloggers often try to imitate other bloggers. Or write in 3rd person. No human I know – barring the arrogant LOL – speaks in 3rd person. We speak of ourselves, weaving stories into conversations. Personal stories. Write how you speak. Tell personal stories. Write informally. Start blogging on the right foot.

    Thanks for sharing Matt 🙂


    • Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for such a great comment!

      I love what you mentioned about using personal stories and turning them into postd, you are so right!

  • Matt,

    This is huge! I have been representing my own brand for about 6 months now. I have dedicated a lot of my time outside of my job to creating authentic content for my followers to read and share. You are so right about keeping your content your own. Is I could get one piece of advice from you as a father of two what would it be? My wife and I are young yet, but we want kids (she wants a lot) so I am curious!

    Thanks again Matt for this post I will take these points and apply them to my own posts!

    • Hey Vance,

      Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! Keeping content your own is so important, you definitely don’t want to hurt your search engine rankings but you also want to make sure that you’re expressing your own thoughts….isn’t that why you started a blog anyway?

      It can be very challenging balancing being a father and also committing the proper amount of time to your blog. I would say that my number one piece of advice to you would be that you should never sacrifice time with your family for your blog. Enjoy your family because, at the end of the day, that’s what is most important by far!

      Always keep an eye out for what I like to call “hidden pockets of time”…they can show up where you least expect them. When you find yourself, with even just 5 minutes, you should do a small task…update or add to your keyword list, transfer your list to an excel document, brainstorm, do anything but at least do something. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up!

      I hope you find my tips useful, let me know which ones work best for you!

  • in fact i have read a lot of articles about blogging and i must confers this one of the detail articles.

    Although am still blogging but i have learn a lot from your article, especially quality call to action.

    Sometimes creating a catchy headlines becomes problem but as you said using emotional words can bring them on board. thanks you very much for your encouragement.

    • Hey Collins,

      I’m so glad you were able to learn some tips, I hope you find them successful in helping you become a better blogger!

  • Hi Matt! Great information on blogging. It’s all about writing as if you’re talking to someone face to face. Maybe some people think that writing and content is hard, but really it’s all about writing what just comes to mind. It shouldn’t be made harder than that. I agree that you have to know what your audience wants and give it to them. You just have to be patient and accept some failures along the way, but be passionate about what you write about and your successes will come. I’ve read many things that were so obviously not true, that anyone could see right through it. Honesty is the best policy so if you want faithful readers, then be truthful!

  • I think blogging has many thing to do about mindset. When I first started my site, I was worried about my command of English. I’m not a native speaker and I wonder how would my blogs being received by others. It turned out that I got myself worried for nothing. As you put it wisely, it’s about getting your content to connect with readers on a personal level. That’s what blogging is all about.

    • Hey Kenny,

      I’m glad you got past the language barrier! The great thing about blogging is that you don’t have to be 100% grammatically correct as long as you connect with your audience!

  • Thank you for the helpful tips!

  • thank you for yoir insight! please check out my blog and let me know what i need to change or if you think its headed in the right direction. i need some genuine feedback.

    • Hey Nikki,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post and I hope you find it useful!

      I took a look at your website and I think that you are off to a great start! Just keep at it and your visitor count will increase before you know it 🙂

  • Matt, this was amazing. Thank you from all of us NEWBIES! It’s hard being ‘older’ and new to all this. You totally rocked the layman way of explaining things for this brain of mine!

  • These are great tips and great reminders for blogging. I really like the one on writing how you talk – you don’t want to try to be someone you’re not. Great post!

    • Hi Christiana, I’m so glad that you liked my post!

      I really do think that the writing like you speak tip is so important and so often goes overlooked….it can be tough to do at first, but once you figure it out, it makes writing so much simpler.

  • Thanks. candid and inspiring…

  • Thanks for this article. I will surely try these in next blog 😀

  • The post is superb. I read so many posts regarding tips before you start your blog , etc. I must say you have given all points in a best elaborative way. I do have a blog and wish you to go thru once and share your thoughts.

    • Thank you for the kind words Jiya! I’m glad you enjoyed the post so much and I hope that the techniques work for you.

      I would love to take a look at your blog and give you feedback, what is the URL?

      Also, be sure to sign up for my newsletter so that you get all of my latest posts!

  • Thanks for the helpful tips. I see I can definitely make a few improvements on my blog.

  • Love this article! I have been working at writing better headlines. I will use this info!

    • I’m so glad you loved it, Teresa! A good headline is crucial to getting visitors to click your link.

      Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so that you get all of my latest posts!

  • Great pointers. Thank you! I have bookmarked this post.

  • Those were some great tips. I especially liked the idea of writing short paragraphs.

    • Short paragraphs are the way to go for sure, Michelle! People these days have a shorter attention span and will likely not read a long paragraph.

  • Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Great stuff. I could have sworn I read a billion of your posts already, lol. I think I will have to focus on writing like I talk, it’s a lot more entertaining to read than a tech document about something! Know your audience… that’s a good one! I have no idea. ROFL! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Haha Rio, thanks for reading so much of my content! I hope you find it useful!

      It’s important to know your audience and if you have no clue yet, don’t worry you’ll figure it out! 🙂

  • Great post! As a new blogger, I found all of these tips to be very insightful. I love the 1st one, write like you talk. When I first started my blog, I felt as though I was so robotic. The moment I began to write like I was talking to a friend was when my authentic voice started to come out. Awesome advice!

    • I totally agree Jenna….if I had to pick one tip that is the most important then it would definitely be write like you talk. It makes such a huge difference in how your posts are received by your readers

  • Great list. Writing like you talk is so important along with the call to action. if readers don’t know what to do next they will just click away.

  • Great list! I have the hardest time with paragraph length on some of my posts where I am sharing stories.
    Also, my biggest struggle is getting people to comment. But hopefully by utilizing your list, I may be able to see an increase.

    • Keep up the great work Alyx. You should try to keep your paragraphs short so that people will be more inclined to reading your posts.

      In order to get more comments, you should be sure to share your posts on all the social media platforms and join groups.

  • Matt,
    Thank you for this information. As a new blogger, I really appreciate content like this. I have learned many great tips from this.

    • I’m so glad I was able to help you Jessica! It can be tough for a new blogger to get started, but once you get the hang of it you’ll find how much easier it gets!

      Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so that you get all of my latest posts!

  • Great article and great tips. Thank you. Re-pinned

  • Spot on info. People love lists and they also love pictures. i think a good post has pictures peppered in between the text. If I don’t get a mental break from the text I start to go a little wonky lol

    • Thank you Daneen, you’re absolutely right about how important images are.

      People these days don’t like to read long paragraphs, so breaking them up is huge

  • This is a really great post, thank you for sharing!
    I’ll definitely be using some of these tops – especially love the sort of flow chart you included about writing and headlines. It’s nice to get something visual to understand it better.

    Laura ¦ http://www.laurahasablog.co.uk

    • You’re so welcome Laura! I’m glad you found the post so helpful and I hope you’re able to put some techniques to use in the future.

      Infographics are definitely an awesome tool to use in your posts!

  • Great post. You gave a lot of much needed information about blogging

  • Writing how you speak surely makes blogging a lot easier!

  • I can’t even express to you how helpful this article was. Thank you, thank you! Thank you! I’m a small fish ion a huge pond and patience and discouragement are my biggest issues.. I appreciate this so much!

    • Your comment makes me so happy, Christa! I’m really glad that this post helps you be a better blogger. I would say that the most important tip in that whole list is to make sure you write like you speak….it will make writing your posts much much easier.

      Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so that you get all my latest posts! 🙂

  • Great tips! Patience has been key for me. I am at over 2 1/2 years of blogging, and finally seeing a decent income coming in. I am not where I want to be yet, but I have seen so much growth that I know it’s around the corner!

    • Congratulations on having a blog that brings in income! You are so right that it takes patience, and A LOT of it!

      I wish you nothing but success!

  • Matt,

    I think this is all wonderful advice. I have always stressed that blogging for the love of it will lead to making money naturally. If we’re writing like we’re talking to a friend we are highly inclined to make true connections to people in the online world.

    I think you covered many of the key points that bloggers need to know in order to be successful at blogging professionally. Great post.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Crystal. I definitely agree that writing like you talk is so important….it makes it easier to write and also, as you pointed out, makes a connection with your readers.

      Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you get all of my latest posts!

  • Great list, as a blogger of 1.5 years I can say that months 3-6 were the hardest. The newness wore off and was overwhelmed with WordPress, promoting, etc…now I have a much better vision for the site and playing the long game!

    • That’s great advice, Michael. I also found the 3-6 month time period difficult, but once you power through it, everything gets much better!

  • Hey Matt,

    Thanks for sharing a great article. Sure thing, I’ll be learning all of this thing.

    I am making sure whenever I post, it’s unique and is relevant to readers.


    • Hey Rod,

      Unique and relevant to your readers is very important….great job on that. I also wanted to stress the writing like you speak tip….you should definitely try to make sure you do that!

  • I am still a newbie at blogging. Only 4 months in. Thank you so much for this post! Paticence is the number one thing I have such a hard time with! LOL! But I am learning!

    • I’m so glad you found my post, Kori! I really hope that you find it helpful when writing your posts.

      Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so that you get all of my latest posts!

  • These are all so spot on! I certainly believe in being honest with your audience at all times. Once you break that trust, it will not be easy to gain back so it’s important to never lose it.

  • Thank you for sharing! I’m a new blogger and need to learn a lot. I didn’t know headlines were that important, as to spend 50% of the time writing them! Will work on that for sure. I’m only 1.5 months into this and I try not to check the stats that often, I know success won’t happen overnight!

    • It’s very difficult to not check the stats all the time, Cynthia….I think we’re all guilty of that!

      I’m glad you found my post so helpful, I hope you do give a bit more effort to the headline, after all it is your first impression!

  • this is a useful list and i’m still learning as i’m going along. learning to write in shorter paragraphs took some time but engagement in my posts has grown as i’ve adjusted. thanks for sharing!

  • Amazing advice Matt. i feel if a lot of us knew this stuff starting off, we would be miles ahead of where we are today. Great work!

    • Thank you for the kind words Joanna! I agree that this would have been helpful for me when I started, but hopefully it helps others start more easily 🙂

  • Great blogging tips. Every blogger should be reading this. They are so helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  • I need to start working on my catchy catchline! Thanks for the advice x

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